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((The #ProteusOnSet promotion already ended in 10 Jun 2023. For all purchase/order placed before 10 June, you are still entitled to join this programme.))

Share Your Experience With Filmmakers Around The World

#ProteusOnSet is a reward program that aims to network the knowledge and creative minds of using Laowa Proteus Series.

Submission Required:

1. Basic Information of the Purchase

2. Short Film

3. BTS Video

Submission Guidelines:

  1. The submission must include a short film and a BTS video, the short film should be at least 1.5min long and the BTS video should be at least 2min long with an interview section sharing your experience of using the lenses.
  2. You must complete your submission within 6 months after the shipment of the lenses to qualify for the cash rebate. All submissions must be filmed with Laowa Proteus.
  3. The videos should fulfill the following format requirements:
    • Video files in MP4/MOV in 4K H.264 resolution
    • Download links valid for at least 90 days
    • English subtitles embedded in the videos
    • No watermark throughout the scenes
  1. Basic information of the cinematographer and the film should be provided for record. Each set of Proteus can only redeem the cash rebate once. Applicants must provide purchase invoice and serial number to verify your eligibility.
  2. The submitted work will be promoted across social media platforms and online channels. Copyright and authorization must be provided to Laowa. Applicants is obliged to ensure the legality of the submission.
  3. Once the submission is approved, Laowa will send an email notification to you. The Applicants need to share the short film and BTS videos with 3 Facebook group and provide the proof of sharing to redeem the cash rebate.
  4. The cash rebate will be released within 1 month to applicants for successful redemption.
Submit Your #ProteusOnSet Work

Explore #ProteusOnSet Work by Cinematographers Around The Globe

“Alaina Castillo – éxtasis”

DP: Erick Turcios

Director: JA Moreno

On Set: Proteus 45mm Amber + Arri Alexa Mini


DP: Dima Kelenda

On Set: Proteus 45mm Silver + Blackmagic 4.6 ursa broadcast

“Make It Epic”

DP: J.D. Macias

On Set: Proteus 35mm Silver + Red Komodo

“Where Did You Sleep?”

DP: Kristoffer Davidsson

On Set: Proteus 45mm Amber + Canon EOS R5c

“The Case II”

DP: David Shin

On Set: Proteus 45mm Blue

Thanks for Letting Us Be A Part of Your Cinematic Journey

Your support is our motivation to bring the most professional and accessible cinematic tools to life.  We look forward to seeing more incredible work with #ProteusOnSet!

Additional Terms & Conditions

  1. Only the first 100 set buyers are entitled to join the #ProteusOnSet campaign. Purchase direct from this website OR from ANY of our existing dealers.
  2. If you are not sure about whether you are entitled, ask your local dealers or email us at
  3. Venus Optics reserves the right to decline any application if the submission has (i.) expired the redemption period, (ii.) incomplete or wrong information, and (iii.) violated submission terms and regulations.
  4. All single lens purchase is NOT entitled to the cash rebate. If you buy 2 single lenses at different time, you are also NOT entitled to the cash rebate.
  5. If you buy a FULL set of lenses (= Set A + Set B), you are entitled to join the #ProteusOnSet program twice and the submission of work have to be DIFFERENT. A total of $2,400 (=$1,200 x 2) will be entitled for successful submission.
  6. Each buyer (based on purchase invoice and serial number) can only join the #ProteusOnSet program ONCE. Duplicated serial number will not be accepted for the redemption.
  7. No pre-registration is needed to join the campaign.
  8. Venus Optics reserves the final right to interpret the rules and regulations of #ProteusOnSet program and approve the submissions.