(MFT/PL) Nanomorph 20mm T2.2


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*Designed for MFT cameras, NOT suitable for Super35 or larger sensor formats

The Nanomorph 1.5X 20mm T2.2 MFT is a breakthrough product for MFT sensors*. This is the tiniest, fastest, and widest Nanomorph ever made. It weighs only 0.67 lbs (304g, MFT mount) and measures ø2.36″x3.35″ (ø60mm*85mm, MFT mount), which is extremely ideal for drones, gimbals, or handheld shooting.

Click HERE to view the PL Mount Protrusion Diagram for the Nanomorph 20mm MFT


Fastest, Widest, Tiniest Anamorphic

With this lens, you can capture stunning wide-angle shots of landscapes, buildings, or any scene that needs a wider perspective. The lens has a constant 1.5X squeeze ratio and a large aperture of T2.2, giving you more creative options for depth of field and oval bokeh. It also has a close focusing distance of 1’4” / 43cm, a cinematic flare (3 options in Amber/Blue/Silver), and a Ø55mm filter thread for ND filters or creative look filters. This lens is a remarkably versatile choice for solo filmmakers who hope for a smaller setup.

Widescreen Cinematic Magic

The 20mm Nanomorph lens is the most expansive MFT 1.5X anamorphic lens available, providing the widest field of view. With its 1.5X squeeze ratio, your footage will instantly become cinematic, even just for shooting everyday activities like a casual walk down the street.

Low Focus Breathing

The Nanomorph 20mm exhibits minimal focus breathing. You can confidently capture smooth and seamless transitions without any noticeable distractions within the frame.

3 Flare Colors

We offer three distinct flare color options for your cinematic needs, ranging from Amber, Blue, to Silver.

Select the one that best suits your creative vision and enhances the cinematic atmosphere of your footage!

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Amber, Blue, Silver


M4/3, Arri PL