Laowa Ranger S35 Compact Cine Zoom Series


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Ranger S35 Compact Cine Zoom Series features the 11-18mm, 17-50mm, and 50-130mm, offering a constant T2.9 aperture and an impressive total zoom range of over 11X. Each lens weighs a mere 745g to 865g for its standard version and 660g to 775g for its lite version, guaranteeing unmatched portability and versatility for productions of all sizes.

These parfocal lenses are also built with extremely close focusing distances and minimal focus breathing, the set simplifies the creation of cinematic masterpieces. Experience the freedom of lightweight excellence with this mighty lens set, perfect for capturing on-the-go shooting.

PL mount in default. You may purchase interchangeable mounts, including Canon EF/ Canon RF/ Sony E/ Nikon Z/ L mount/ Fuji X for your camera use. For Canon EF mount, please click HERE to conduct a clearance check before purchasing.







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Pocket-sized Zoom for Cinematic Excellence

Weighing a mere ~745g/865g/760g each, these lenses redefine portability without compromising on quality. Designed to be compact yet powerful, they offer a versatile zoom range alongside exceptional optical performance. Whether you’re navigating tight spaces or capturing sweeping landscapes, these lenses are your go-to choice. Perfect for one-man band productions and on-the-go shooting scenarios, they seamlessly adapt to handheld shots, gimbals, and even FPV drones.

With an expansive zoom range spanning from 11mm to 130mm, this lens offers an impressive 11x total zoom range, making it one of the widest available in its class. Designed to meet the diverse needs of modern filmmakers, it combines three focal length ranges – 11-18mm, 17-50mm, and 50-130mm – into a single set.

Constant T2.9 Aperture

Enjoy a Constant T2.9 Aperture throughout the entire zoom range. Perfect for capturing stunning visuals in low-light environments, our lenses empower you to unleash your creativity without compromising on image quality.

Extremely Close Focusing Distance

With close focusing distances of 36cm/35cm/75cm, these lenses excel at capturing intricate details and small subjects. Elevate your storytelling with close-up shots that add depth and dimension to your narrative.

Almost Invisible Focus Breathing

With guaranteed seamless focus transitions, your narrative unfolds seamlessly, capturing every moment with precision.

 Parfocal Design

Indulge in precise and dependable focus with our parfocal design, so your subject can always stay razor-sharp and perfectly focused, whether zooming in or out.

Professional Cine Housing

UNIFIED GEAR POSITION – All Ranger S35 lenses can be switched quickly between focal lengths to work with the same set of gears.

0.8 MOD GEAR – For both aperture and focus ring

80MM OUTER DIAMETER AND 77MM FILTER THREAD – Designed to accommodate the common matte boxes or filters

DUAL SCALE DESIGN – Both imperial and metric scales are available on the lens

Easy Conversion to Multiple Camera Systems

Each lens comes with a native PL mount, and for added convenience, we also offer interchangeable mounts for Canon EF*, Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Fuji X and L mount for an additional USD50.

This allows users to easily adapt the lenses to different camera systems without any hassle.

*Please click HERE to do a clearance check before purchasing.


Lens name

Laowa Ranger S35 Compact Cine Zoom Series

Focal length




Aperture range



Super 35

Image circle diameter


Angle of view105.3°-77.4°80.6°-32.2°32.2°-12.7°
Lens structure17 elements in 11 groups22 elements in 18 groups17 elements in 13 groups
Aperture blades


Focus throw110°270°270°
Zoom throw100°100°100°
Aperture throw41°42°42°
Min. focusing distance36cm/ 14.17’’35cm/ 13.78’’75cm/ 29.53’’
Focus indicator

Metric & Imperial (Dual Scale)

In-focus driving mode

Manual (MF)

Max. Magnification




Gear mod

0.8 Mod

Dimensions for Filter Thread


Front Diameter


DimensionsØ80*108mm/ 3.15’’*4.25’’Ø80*117mm/ 3.15’’*4.61’’Ø80*135.9mm/ 3.15’’*5.35’’
Lite: ~660g/~1.46lbs
Standard: ~865g/~1.9lbs
Lite: ~775g/~1.7lbs
Standard: ~760g/~1.68lbs
Lite: ~665g/~1.46lbs

ARRI PL (Optional: Canon EF, Canon RF. Sony E, Nikon Z, Fuji X, L Mount)


Alexandru Don- Ranger S35 Compact Cine Zoom Review


Ranger Heist

Short Film

Filmed by: @stuntcameracrew


Short Film

Filmed by: Kiva Huang

New York

Short Film

Filmed by: David Strib

Fighting Eel Plumeria Lei Collection


Filmed by: Brad Watanabe



Filmed by: Shikijo Pestroski @shikijo
Buckle up and get ready for the fast and furious ride with Shikijo!

Additional information

Focal Length(s)

Ranger S35 11-18mm T2.9 (Standard), Ranger S35 17-50mm T2.9 (Standard), Ranger S35 50-130mm T2.9 (Standard), Ranger S35 3-lens Bundle (Standard), Ranger S35 11-18mm T2.9 (Lite), Ranger S35 17-50mm T2.9 (Lite), Ranger S35 50-130mm T2.9 (Lite), Ranger S35 3-lens Bundle (Lite)