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Laowa Proteus Series is the latest and the most accessible professional anamorphic series for Super 35 sensors with a 2X constant squeeze ratio. This series comes in 8 focal lengths (35/45/60/85 ready to order, 20/28/100/135 due late 2023) and features a universal T2 aperture, delivering excellent image quality and consistent classic anamorphic characteristics including elliptical bokeh and signature flares with blue, amber and silver options.

It supports close-up shots with a 55cm minimum focusing distance and offers modern conveniences to meet dynamic on-set needs.

PL mount in default, an interchangeable EF bayonet is included in the package. A hard case is included. Imperial / Metric versions are available. 4-lens set will be delivered in 2 hard cases.

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Classic Anamorphic x Modern Quality

For the last 2 years, we have been working closely with cinematographers and taking their opinions seriously. We are able to adapt state-of-the-art technology, to provide classic anamorphic characters with remarkable image quality.    


Regardless of the resolution or aspect ratio, the Laowa Proteus series can always support any kind of cinematic production.    

Patented Anamorphic Design

Laowa Proteus 2X Anamorphic Series adopted a front anamorphic design for a robust optical composition. It can deliver the image sharpness of modern quality while retaining the vintage look of anamorphic characteristics including elliptical bokeh and signature flares.

Constant 2X Squeeze Ratio

Delicately designed with a constant 2X squeeze ratio to exemplify the classic wide-screen anamorphic look for cinema use. It works comfortably with 4:3 or 6:5 sensors which are usually defaulted in professional cinema cameras to deliver a 2.66:1 or 2.4:1 image after de-squeeze. Cinematographers and filmmakers can use the footage entirely or crop to a 2.39:1 with minimal loss of resolution.  
With the precision in optical design, the 2X squeeze ratio can be achieved in any focus distance, maintaining the relative shape of the object and avoiding anamorphic mumps. 

Large Aperture

The iris ranges from T2 to T22 for the entire series, supporting filming in all light conditions and satisfying dynamic on-set needs. Ravishing shallow depth of field can be created at a large aperture and the lenses can render organic waterfall focus roll-off in the background, one of the distinct anamorphic characteristics that are wildly desired by the film industry.  

Outstanding Sharpness

The optical performance is fine-tuned to deliver excellent color rendition and contrast. The Proteus Series can reproduce high image quality and sharpness even when shooting wide openthe chromatic aberration is also well-controlled.  

Close Focusing Distance

Laowa Proteus Series has a minimum focusing distance of 55cm (1.8 feet)super close-up shots can be easily captured, cinematographers can have more variety in framing for story-telling. Also, the close-up shots usually generate a shallower depth of field to the image, which adds aesthetic and cinematic vibes to the frame.   

Pleasant Bokeh

Compare to 1.5X or 1.8X Anamorphic lenses, the Proteus Series can create elliptical bokeh in the out-of-focus that are thinner and longer, providing a more prominently anamorphic look to the shots.  

Amber, Silver & Blue Flare Options

Comes with a classic sci-fi blue, warm and elegant amber and neutral silver flare color options, cinematographers can choose the right flare color to set the tone for the film. The silver flare will change color according to the light source.

Low Focus Breathing

The Proteus lenses have a subtle change in the angle of view when the focusing distance is altered. It supports filmmakers to depict a scene by shifting the focus between subjects. 

Sensor Coverage

Having a super 35+ sensor coverage and can cover up to 21.6mm sensor height, the entire series is compatible with some full-frame cameras and most Super 35 cameras, including the latest Arri Alexa 35.

Work Proteus with Ease

Unified Gear Position — All Proteus lenses can be switched quickly between focal lengths to work with the same set of gears.
Back focus Adjustment Mechanism – Calibrating the back focus with the lens mounted on the camera directly without going through a tedious shimming process. 
0.8 Mod Gear – For both aperture and focus gear to work with the pitching.
Metric or Imperial Scale – Select your desired measurements for the focus ring.
300° Focus Throw  — Support a finer and more accurate degree of change in focal distance.
Lens Support — Included in the package.
Ø 114mm Outer Diameter & Ø 105mm Filter Thread  — Designed to accommodate common matte box or filters.

“When projected, the Proteus lens produces incredibly sharp images with superb contrast. The captured images have vivid colors with a painterly bokeh.

In addition, the focus transition is velvety and natural. Finally, the flare characteristics are nuanced but not muted. As a result, it has considerably more character than other optics of a similar price range.

Overall, the Proteus will impress you!”

David Jean Schweitzer, S.O.C

The Proteus make a significant splash in the anamorphic world, offering unmatched quality within their price range. With a close focus distance of 1.8 ft, we shot an entire music video with the 45mm, capturing wide shots and close-ups effortlessly. Subtle characteristics, clean imagery, and no vignetting. The robust build, smooth rings, captivating flare, and vivid colors impress. These lenses unleash new possibilities, elevating anamorphic cinematography to unprecedented heights. 

JA Moreno, Director

“Laowa have made a serious entry to the anamorphic world with these lenses.

Being able to shoot wide open at T2 with the Proteus is a great test of its sharpness and performance at 7K 6:5 2X on the RED V-RAPTOR.”

James Tonkin, Cinematographer

“The proteus has beautiful vintage character wide open while maintaining sharpness. Let a little light in and the most incredible horizontal and vertical flares take shape. I especially like the amber coating.“

Justin Jones, Director of Photography

“I think this is a really nice anamorphic line-up.

I was very impressed with the close focus distance, which made it easier to get detailed close-ups of nature and people.

They are built like tanks, having robust bodies with smooth focus and aperture rings.

And they are really good wide open at T2.0 with nice oval bokeh.”

Kristoffer Davidsson, Cinematographer

“Having only 45mm at my disposal, I’ve managed to shoot a whole music promo with it. The close focus distance 1.8 ft allowed me to get right into the action without worrying about diopters.

The silver coating meant that I had full customization of the flare, meaning I just had to adjust the colour or gel of the light and it would create the preferred colour of the flare. It had nice characteristics, but they were subtle and not over the top. And last but not least,

I truly enjoyed working with a clean, almost-zero vignette lens; it allowed me to shoot in open gate mode without compromising on anything.”

Dima Kalenda, Cinematographer

After using The Proteus Anamorphic, I’ve concluded these are some of the best attainable anamorphics to hit the market right now. One of the things I love the most is the level of sharpness and resolution compared to any other lens in this price range. The lenses provide a sharp and clean cinematic anamorphic look with extremely minimal breathing and non-distracting flaring and amazing close focus without diopters

Sean Boyd, DP/Director/Writer/Producer

News & Review

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Music Videos

Lens: Proteus 45mm T2 (Silver)  Cinematographer: Sam Chan

Lens: Proteus Set (Amber) 

Cinematographer: Yuki Suematsu (KASSEN)

Cinematic Videos

Lens: Proteus 35mm T2 (Silver)

Camera: RED Komodo

Cinematographer: J.D.Macias @dpjdmacias

A short film created by J.D.Macias for the Make It Epic 2.0 Challenge, inspired by the film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

Lens: Proteus Series

Cinematographer: Fu Shiying 傅士英

A short film commercial created by Fu Shiying (傅士英) for Panasonic using Laowa Proteus lenses film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

Lens: Proteus Series

Camera: RED Komodo

Director/Writer/Cinematographer @theseanboyd

Lens: Proteus 45mm T2 (Amber)

Camera: Canon EOS R5 C

Cinematographer: Kristoffer Davidsson 

Model: Malin Lif Riesser

Lens: Proteus 45mm T2 (Amber)



Cinematographer: Sébastien Abes 

Model: Lucie

Lens: Proteus Full Set (Blue)

Apple Spec Commercial

Cinematographer: JP Quill

Lens: Proteus Full Set (Silver)

A feature documentary following Lachlan Morton on his blistering 2700m ride along the continental divide trail.

Cinematographer: Angus Morton

Lens: Proteus 60mm T2 (Blue)

Camera: Canon EOS R5 C 

Artist: Broder Henrik Rapp
Cinematographer: Kristoffer Davidsson

Lens: Laowa Proteus Series

MLB Ad Commerical

Cinematographer: Charles Papert

Lens: Proteus 85mm T2 (Blue)

Camera: ARRI Alexa Mini LF.

All shot at T2.0, EI 800. No grade, just Arri 709.

Credits to Blaine Westropp

Technical Data

Additional information

Focal Length

35mm T2: $4,999, 45mm T2: $4,999, 60mm T2: $4,999, 85mm T2: $4,999, Set A (35mm & 60mm): $9,499, Set B (45mm & 85mm): $9,499, Full Set: $18,998

Flare Color

Amber, Blue, Silver

Focus Scale

Imperial, Metric


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