Laowa OOOM 14-60mm T2.9 MFT Cine



OOOM Cine Zoom Series showcases the 14-60 T2.9 MFT and 20-85 T4 S35 Cine lenses available in MFT and ARRI PL mounts respectively. These lenses present an affordable yet versatile cine zoom solution tailored for aspiring filmmakers.

With an impressive zoom range of over 4.2x, these lenses offer unparalleled flexibility in a remarkably compact form, seamlessly encompassing a wide array of focal lengths. Filmmakers can effortlessly capture diverse perspectives without the need for lens swaps.

Crafted with precision, both lenses feature a sleek and compact design, making them ideally suited for small-scale productions and the intense demands of documentary filmmaking.


Experience over 4x Zoom Range in a Compact Body

Available in MFT & S35 Formats

Priced at US$1999 each lens, the OOOM Cine Zoom Series is a budget-friendly cine zoom lens designed for aspiring filmmakers.

Super35+ Coverage

The OOOM 20-85 T4 S35 Cine lens features a Ø31.5mm image circle. It provides excellent coverage for almost covering the ARRI Alexa 35 4.6K 3:2 Open Gate format, even at its widest focal length of 20mm.

Excellent Color Rendition & Contrast

The OOOM Cine Zoom Series offers exceptional color rendition and contrast, thanks to its meticulous optical design. With its ability to produce natural-colored images, you’ll save valuable time on color grading during post-production. This is particularly advantageous for interview/documentary projects where a quick turnaround is essential.

Close Focus Distance

The OOOM Cine Zoom Series offers a close focusing distance of 1’10” / 0.56m for both lenses. This allows you to get up close to your subject, resulting in a beautiful subject-background separation that adds depth to your shots.

Parfocal Design

The OOOM Cine Zoom Series features a parfocal design, ensuring that the focus remains consistent while zooming. This allows for convenient and precise focusing at various focal lengths, enhancing the overall shooting experience.

Low Focus Breathing

The OOOM Cine Zoom Series provides an exceptionally low focus breathing effect when adjusting focus. This ensures that viewers won’t feel disoriented by sudden changes in the field of view.

Other Product Highlights:

The OOOM Cine Zoom Series delivers a remarkably low distortion image, resulting in a natural and authentic visual presentation.

The OOOM Cine Zoom Series, similar to our other cine series, boasts sturdy and professional cine barrels. These barrels offer both protection and convenience for camera operators.

✅284° Focus Throw
✅Dual Scale Design
✅Back Focus Adjustment Mechanism
✅77mm Filter Thread
✅80mm Front Diameter

An internal zoom feature offers stability during shooting by minimizing changes to the center of gravity. With a constant barrel length, you can conveniently balance the lens on a gimbal without the constant need of recalibration.

Sample Footage


Dir. & DP: Fatty Soprano

Shot with OOOM 20-85mm T4 S35 Cine on RED KOMODO 6K


Shot on OOOM 14-60mm T2.9 MFT Cine & 20-85mm T4 S35 Cine


BMPCC4K + LAOWA OOOM MFT 14-60mm T2.9 Cine

Technical Data

NameLaowa OOOM 14-60mm T2.9 MFT Cine Laowa OOOM 20-85mm T4 S35 Cine
Focal Length14-60mm20-85mm
Aperture RangeT2.9-22T4.0 – T32
Angle of View75.4°-20.4°80°x22.4°
Image Circle DiameterØ21.6mmØ31.5mm
Zoom Ratio4.29x4.25x
FormatMFTSuper 35
Lens Structure22 elements in 18 groups25 elements in 19 groups
Aperture Blades99
Zoom Throw170°170°
Focus Throw284°284°
Aperture Throw36°36°
Focus IndicatorMetric & Imperial (Dual scale)Metric & Imperial (Dual scale)
Min.Focusing Distance1’10” / 0.56m1’10” / 0.56m
Max.Magnification Ratio0.14X0.2X
In-focus Driving ModeManual (MF)Manual (MF)
Filter Thread Diameter77mm77mm
Front Diameter80mm80mm
Dimensions*About Ø3.15*6.77” / Ø80mm*172mm*About Ø3.15*5.90” / Ø80mm*150mm
WeightAbout 2.98 lbs/ 1350gAbout 2.98 lbs/ 1350g