1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter


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Introducing the new 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter, a versatile accessory that can enhance your cinematic vision. Whether you want to combine it with the Nanomorph for a consistent 2X squeeze ratio, or pair it with spherical lenses for a Nanomorphic touch, this adapter can do it all. It has Amber/Blue/Silver flare options, and a minimum focus distance of 2’4” (73cm). It also comes with step-up rings from 55mm, 62mm and 77mm for easy adaptation on the Nanomorph mirrorless and PL/EF versions, or other spherical lenses.


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Get the Best Affordable 2X Anamorphic Solution

This is the NEW 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter. This affordable accessory ($699) is perfect for anamorphic lovers. You can combine it with our Nanomorph for a stunning 2X anamorphic effect!

Comes with step-up rings of 55mm, 62mm, and 77mm, you can easily attach it to your spherical lenses and enjoy a 1.33X anamorphic look! Time to elevate your filmmaking game!

©Cam Mackey – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Blue)

The 1.33X Anamorphic Adapter is compatible with our Ranger Cine Zoom lenses and can be mounted seamlessly, working as an anamorphic zoom lens while providing functionality across a focal range of 48mm to 100mm. 

Enabling the rotation of the lens element internally to ensure correct image compression and horizontal flare alignment.

One of the challenges of using an anamorphic adapter is that it can result in a loss of aperture stops and image quality. This means that the image may not be as bright or sharp as it would be without the adapter. 

©Brandon Li  – 80mm T2.4 1.5X (Silver)

To provide our filmmakers with the maximum performance of the adapter, we have created a special design to ensure the loss of aperture stops and image quality are minimal, allowing filmmakers to achieve the desired anamorphic look.

©Cam Mackey – 65mm T2.4 1.5X (Blue)

List of Compatible Nanomorph Focal Lengths (With Suitable Step-up Ring):

Nanomorph 27mmMicro Four Thirds
Nanomorph 35mm*Super 35
Nanomorph 50mm*Super 35
Nanomorph 65mmSuper 35/Full-Frame
Nanomorph 80mmSuper 35/Full-Frame

*Installation of 77mm step-up rings is not required for the usage of PL/EF versions.



LAOWA 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter
Squeeze Ratio1.33X
Lens Structure5 elements in 5 groups
Focus Throw200°
Focus IndicatorFoot & Meter (Dual Scale)
Min. Focusing Distance2’4” / 73cm
In-focus Driving ModeManual (MF)
Front DiameterØ90mm
Filter Thread DiameterØ86mm
Max. DiameterØ96mm
Rear DiameterØ77mm (55mm /62mm /77mm step-up rings are included)
DimensionsØ3.78”*2.76” / Ø96mm*70mm
WeightAbout 1.83lb/830g
Flare ColourAmber/Blue/Silver

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Amber, Blue, Silver