• Introducing the Argus T1 Cine Series, available in Full-Frame, Super35 & MFT formats, with focal lengths ranging from 18mm to 45mm. This series offers a unique aesthetic and delivers mesmerizing shallow depth of field and dreamy bokeh. Not only does this series excel in low-light shooting with its ultra-large T1 aperture, it also creates an incredibly smooth focus roll-off. With an exceptionally small form factor, this lens series is ideal for cinematographers who seek a unique look and to accentuate dramatic character-centric effects in short films or portrait videography.
    Available in MFT mount.
  • IN STOCK OOOM Cine Zoom Series showcases the 14-60 T2.9 MFT and 20-85 T4 S35 Cine lenses available in MFT and ARRI PL mounts respectively. These lenses present an affordable yet versatile cine zoom solution tailored for aspiring filmmakers. With an impressive zoom range of over 4.2x, these lenses offer unparalleled flexibility in a remarkably compact form, seamlessly encompassing a wide array of focal lengths. Filmmakers can effortlessly capture diverse perspectives without the need for lens swaps. Crafted with precision, both lenses feature a sleek and compact design, making them ideally suited for small-scale productions and the intense demands of documentary filmmaking.