• In Stock Ranger S35 Compact Cine Zoom Series features the 11-18mm, 17-50mm, and 50-130mm, offering a constant T2.9 aperture and an impressive total zoom range of over 11X. Each lens weighs a mere 745g to 865g for its standard version and 660g to 775g for its lite version, guaranteeing unmatched portability and versatility for productions of all sizes. These parfocal lenses are also built with extremely close focusing distances and minimal focus breathing, the set simplifies the creation of cinematic masterpieces. Experience the freedom of lightweight excellence with this mighty lens set, perfect for capturing on-the-go shooting. The Ranger S35 Lens Set is compatible with Mofage Poco Drop-in Filter Adapter. Drop-in filter can be used on RF / E / L / Z cameras.
    PL mount in default. You may purchase interchangeable mounts, including Canon EF/ Canon RF/ Sony E/ Nikon Z/ L mount/ Fuji X for your camera use. For Canon EF mount, please click HERE to conduct a clearance check before purchasing.
  • This is an internal preorder link for Ranger S35 Zoom lens. The lens will be shipped out from mid/late May 2024. Default mount is PL.
  • In Stock Laowa is thrilled to unveil the Ranger Compact Cine Zoom Series for the full frame market. The lens set comes in FF Ranger 28-75mm T2.9 and FF Ranger 75-180mm T2.9 lenses, designed to meet the demands of both one-man-band filmmakers and production houses, offering exceptional features and unrivaled performances to create a cinematic story. The standard version weighted around 1.4kg/3.08lbs light, while the Lite Version is even 10%  lighter, one could enjoy quality results with effortless setups.  The Ranger boast a long versatile zoom range with more than 6.4x zoom ratio in total. The incredibly lightweight allows filmmakers to capture breathtaking shots at both ends of the spectrum effortlessly. Filmmakers can experience the convenience of the parfocal design, and can also enjoy focus transition with almost no focus breathing. The extremely close focus distance of 0.49m/1'6" and 0.89m/2'9" respectively allows for captivating close-up shots. Crafted with professional cine housing, these lenses provide the on-site friendly built-in back focus adjustment system, offering a smooth and reliable shooting experience. 
    PL mount in default and an interchangeable EF bayonet is included. You may purchase interchangeable mirrorless mounts, including Canon RF/ Sony E/ Nikon Z/ L mount for your camera use.
    FF 16-30mm T2.9 is coming soon.